About the Guild

To promote progress in the manufacture of steel for commercial purposes in Electric Furnaces and to encourage free discussion and exchange of information of mutual interest and benefit to members.

Membership will be drawn from those persons who are regularly employed in and connected with the production of steel and other ferrous metal for commercial purposes in Electric Furnaces.  Also those persons who are regularly employed in providing process plant, technical support, plant services, and consumables having significant impact in processing of ferrous metals for commercial purposes in Electric Furnaces.
There are six divisions of membership:

* Ordinary members.
* Associate members.
* Graduate members.
* Retired members.
* Honorary members.
* Life members.

Membership of the Guild is limited to 75 members exclusive of the last three categories.

Persons who desire to be admitted as an Ordinary Member of the Guild can obtain an application form from the Secretary. This must be completed and returned to the Secretary for consideration by the Membership Committee.

Please e-mail application form requests to:-

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Executive Committee
The officers of the Guild are:

* The President.
* 1st Vice President.
* 2nd Vice President
* Treasurer

* Secretary. 

The other committee members are:
* Member - Steelmaking & Casting.
* Member - Technical & Support.
* Associate Member.
* Retired Member.
* Ex-Officio President.
Officers of the Guild and Executive Committee members are elected annually.

Guild's Meetings

The Guild holds three meetings annually

The Winter meeting is held in January/February. 
The Annual General Meeting is held in April/May. 
The Autumn meeting is held in October. 


The President automatically acts as Chairman at each meeting and each meeting consists of a business session and a technical session.

Works Visits
The Executive Committee makes arrangements for Guild members to visit Steel Plants, Suppliers Works and Customers Works to experience the Production and use of Steel.

Recent visits have been to:-

The Welding Institute Technology Centre - Rotherham
Rolls Royce Heritage Centre - Derby
JCB plant, Staffordshire
Metalysis - South Yorkshire
Sheffield Special Bar - Outokumpu Steel Plant Rotherham
Drax Power Station - near Selby, North Yorkshire
Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMRC) - Rotherham.
Heritage Motor Centre - Warwickshire.
Outokumpu Steel plant Rotherham.
Health & Safety Labs Buxton.
Steelphalt - Rotherham.
Corus Engineering Steels - Rotherham Works.
NAMTEC - Rotherham.
Celsa Manufacturing UK - Cardiff.
Thamesteel - Sheerness.
Steetley Dolomite - Worksop.
UCAR electrode manufacturing facility - Calais.
VAI Fuchs - Germany.
Ervin Amasteel - Willenhall.
Vesuvius - Sheepbridge Works.
Davy Roll Company - Gateshead.
Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Cannon Hall - Barnsley.
Jaguar Car Plant - Coventry.
Magna Centre - Rotherham.