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Past papers from Guild meetings are listed below.


October 1999
AMI's EAF Power Optimisation System - F Martinez.

Visit to the American Metalmaker's Guild Annual General Meeting - M J Knights, Corus.

British Steel's Tuscaloosa Plant Backwards Integration - R Knights.

ASW - CoSteel Merger - T Allen.

Ovako Steel - G Mathisson, Ovako Steel.

Update of Metabrasive Developments - K Badger/P Simpson - Metabrasives.

February 2000
Rationalisation of Refractories Industry - J Bailey, Corus.

Automotive Supply Chain - M Christinacce, Corus.

Avesta Steel - J Pickford/S France, Avesta Steel.

April 2000
Corus Integration - M A Broxholme, Corus Engineering Steels.

Activities in Electric Arc Steelmaking - J Roth, Paul Wurth.

Carbofer Developments, Sheerness - C Byrne, ASW-Sheerness.

Steelmaking Statistics - S Mackrell, ISSB Ltd.

Chain Steel Story - W S Wilson, Corus Engineering Steels.

Refractories in the Steel Industry - R Lincoln, Vesuvius Ltd.

Update on Monocator Monolithics - R Wharham, Monocon.


October 2000
EAF Benchmarking an Action Generating Tool for Continuous Improvement - E Mocchetti, UCAR.

An Introduction to Ellwood Steels - P Belanger, Ellwood Steels.

Review of Technical Developments in Corus Steelplants - Dr P Lewis, Swinden Technology Centre.

Controlling Centreline Segregation in Cast Products for Forging Applications - Dr J Stephens, Corus Engineering Steels.

An Introduction to UNSCO - J Heaps, UNSCO.

February 2001
Quality Steel from the EAF - Use of Alternative Scraps - S Millman, Teesside Technology Centre.

Chemical Energy Input into the EAF using More Module Technology - L Londero, More.

Clean Steel Practices in Stocksbridge Melting Shop - P Morris, Corus Engineering Steels - Stocksbridge.

April 2001
The Evolution of Electric Arc Furnaces - A Review of New Technologies - P Stafford, UCAR.

Array Based Mould Level Detection - C Pogmore, Swinden Technology Centre.

The Outlook for Global Steel to 2020 - J Aylen, Centre for Manufacture, UMIST.

EAF Developments - P Argenta, Techint Technologies.

Shop Floor Data Capture - B Short, Member.

High Voltage Operation in Aldwarke Melting Shop - D Young, New Member.

Slag Build Up in Ladles - S McCann, Avesta Polarit Sheffield.

October 2001
Lacam - Ladle Lining Scanner - Ferrotron.

Developments in Stocksbridge Melting Shop - Steve Carey.

Slag Stabilisation - Jonathan Makepeace, Heckett MultiServ.

Ladle Gate Refractory Development - Mark Allatt, Vesuvius.

Total Refractory Management (The LWB Experience) - Keith Hearnshaw, LWB.

Environmental Aspects of Steelmaking - John Rockett, Corus, Stocksbridge.

May 2002
Furnace Injection Technology - P Moxon, Fuchs.

Adapting to Change - D Riddell, LWB.

Recent Developments in EAF Injection Technology - A Cameron, BOC.

UK Steel Industry Statistics and Trends - R Ruddlestone, Corus UK.

Developments with Monolithics in Ladle Applications - P Atkinson, Lafarge.

Factors Affecting the Total Energy Consumption of EAF's - B Bowman, UCAR.

Quality Steelmaking:  Comparison of BOS and EAF Process Routes - S Millman, Teesside Technology Centre, Corus UK.

October 2002
The Organisation and Membership of the French Steelmaking Association - C Ouvradou, Industeel.

Avesta Polarit Billet Caster Development - D Harris, Avesta Polarit.

The Davy Roll Company - M Crawford, Davy Roll Co.

The Worlds Largest Casting - J Kennedy, Kvaerner.

The 7th European Electric Steelmaking Conference, Venice, May 2002 - S Millman, Corus UK.

A Fully Automatic System for Furnace Refractory Repair (Minspray and Lacom) - R Brown, Minteq.

Primary Operations of Hitech Integrity Castings Ltd - R Choudhury, Hitech.

Using Slag Analysis for Improving Furnace Refractory Performance - I Holdsworth, Lafarge Lime.

February 2003
Infrared Cameras for Slag Control - R Cooke, Corus.
The Importance of Waste Management in Production Cost Control - R Szulakowski. 

May 2003
Developments in Electric Arc Steelmaking - F Wagner, VAI Fuchs.
Red Dust Disposal Options - J Rockett, Corus Engineering Steels.
The Growth of EAF Steelmaking by Strip and Plate Producers - J Aylen, Salford University.
Trends in World Steelmaking - R Ruddlestone, Corus Engineering Steels.
High Productivity EAF's - G Plenzat, SGL Carbon.
Reorganisation and Development at Avesta Polarit - S France, Avesta Polarit.


October 2003
The LUNA Project - Continuous Steel to Rod Production - L Gori, Danieli.
CES - Future Strategy Review - M A Broxholme, Corus Engineering Steels.
Slag Free Tapping Trials on an EBT Furnace - J S Gaskill, Vesuvius.
Thamesteel Ltd - An Introduction to the Company - J Twiselton,Thamesteel.
Remelted Steels Production at Stocksbridge Works - P Gaines, Corus Engineering Steels.

February 2004
Furnace Design and Energy Utilisation in Modern High Output Furnaces - R T Kenning/P Moxon, Fuchs.
Clesa Manufacturing UK Ltd - R Gillanders,Celsa.
An Introduction to Davy Roll - S Cox, Davy Roll Company.

May 2004
EAF Bottom Ramming Mixes Designed for the Future - A Kronthaler.

UCAR Connex - Virtual Melt Shop Monitor - G Meehan, UCAR.

Development of New Binder System for Ladle Bricks - P Hartley, LWB.

Fuch's New Furnace - R T Kenning, Fuchs.

Development at Tornio Melting Shop, Finland - J Yle-Niemi, Outokumpu.

Sliding Gates - Time for a Change - S Mills/C Kirby-Dyson, Pyrometric.

Electric Arc Steelmaking in the Middle East - A Perspective - B Short, Member.

Advances in Oxygen Utilisation in Electric Arc Steelmaking - J Batham, BOC.

October 2004
Ladle and EAF Refractory Developments for the Future - S Bates, Mayerton.
Overview of President's Visit to Canada - S France, Outokumpu and K Badger.
Slab Conversion to Twin Strand Bloom Casting at Outokumpu - C Bradley-Smith, Outokumpu.
Control of Inclusion Formation for Improved Steel Properties - S Millman, Teesside Technology Centre, Corus.
Enhancing the Process Control of Steel - R Hall, Electronite.
Stainless Steelmaking - A Comparison of AOD and VOD Processes - R Cooke, Corus Engineering Steels. 


February 2005
Developments in Chinese Electrodes - P Henschke, Henschke Electrodes.

VLB Burner Systems for Electric Arc Furnaces - L Hacquard, BSE.

New Insulation Concepts for Process Vessels in Iron and Steel Making - D Hill, Pyrotek.

Introduction to Vesuvius Refractory Developments for Specialist EAF Applications -
J Ford, Vesuvius.

Radar and Ladle Bottoms (Avent Engineering) - M Allatt, Vesuvius.

May 2005
Partnerships in Electric Steelmaking - B Kull, RHI Refractories.
Benchmarking Ladle Refractory Linings - S M Kumar, Refratechnick.
Strategy for Steelmaking & Casting at Aldwarke - S Carey, Corus.
Global Steel & EAF Update - G Meehan, UCAR.
The New EAF at Creusot Metal - C Ouvradou, Creusot Metal, Arcelor.
Modern Slide Gate Refractories & Systems - M Barnfield, RHI Refractories.
EAF Dust Recycling Concept - O Jaeger, BUS Steel Services.

October 2005
New Tapping Method at SMACC - S France, Outokumpu.
Doloma Refractories for Continuous Casting - T Kreuzig, LWB Refractories.
Steel Atomisation at Ervin Amasteel - P Cartlidge, Ervin Amasteel.

February 2006
IFGL/Monocon Flow Control Refractories - P Bajoria, IFGL.

Fume Separation in the SMACC Melting Shop - C Ormston, Outokumpu.

Tundish Refractory Applications and Design - A Luftenegger.

A Quart Out of a Pint Pot - D Green.

UCAR Apollo Electrodes - G Meehan, UCAR.

Water Leaks in The Electric Arc Furnace - B Short.

April 2006
Siemens VAI an Introduction to the Company - F Wagener, Siemens VAI.

50 Years of the ESMG by Rudy Montgomery - K A Broome, Corus.

The Laser Range Finder - Blowback Prevention from EAF Sidewall Burners and Injectors - P Nyssen, CRM.

Remelted Steels Development Stocksbridge - R Ruddlestone, Corus.

EAF Taphole System - C Rahm, RHI.


May 2011

ABB Energy in Outokumpu SMACC - Frank Griffith, ABB

EAF Steelmaking, Automation, Robotics and the Future - Peter Moxon, Siemens VAI

The EAF – Does it have a Future in "Big Steel"?? - Michael Knights, Tata Steel Consultants

The EFSOP System and the iSteel Technologies.  The Tenova Approach for Dynamic Process Control and EAF Holistic Optimisation - David Masoero, Tenova

Reducing Power Off Times at Celsa - Martyn Dimmer, Celsa Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

Secondary System Mechanical Resonance - Said Alemeddine, Graftech

Developments on T Furnace Aldwarke Melting Shop - Andrew Kirton-Vaughan, Tata Steel

October 2011

EFSOP Systems – Tenova Approach to Process Control - D Masoero, Tenova

The Reintroduction of Ingot Casting at SMACC - Richard Chambers, Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Lean Six Sigma in the Steel Industry - S Manocha, Thames Steel

The President’s Visit to the EMMG - David Cobley, Outokumpu (ESMG President)


February 2012

Operating Experience with the PTI Swing Door at Pilsen Steel - J Brhel, PTI Europe

Purging Refractory and Its Uses - G Marco, Zircal sri

Mould Powders Past and Present - R Carli, Prosimet

Aggressive Slags at Sheffield Forgemasters - Jim Kennedy, Sheffield Forgemasters


May 2012

Developments in the use of Recycled Material in the Production of Refractories - Paul Hartley, Magnesita

Archi Tech - Paul Stafford, Graftech

Ankertwin Machine – New Maintenance tool for EAF and Breast Block, a new solution for Slag Doors - P Zottler, RHI

High Productivity thin Slab Caster - M J Knights, Danieli

Moving a Steel Foundry 16 miles - J Erskine, Progress Rail

Measuring and Developing Continuous Improvement - Steve Bastow, Outokumpu

5S Methodology and Practical Implementation at Celsa UK - M Allen, Celsa Steel

October 2012

Reducing the Effect of Electrode Water Cooling on Electrical Stability on an Arc Furnace - Paul Stafford, Graftech

An update on World Steel Output and UK Steel Activities - Bob Ruddlestone, EEF

BSE Burner and improvements made in Stainless Steel Making - L Hacquard, Badische

The function of the Safety Pillar at SMACC - Kevin Davies, Outokumpu

EMMG Visit (CMC Birmingham Alabama and AGM) - Melvin Holmes, Tata Steel Speciality (ESMG President) #


February 2013

The development of Hollow Ingot Production at Sheffield Forgemasters Steel Ltd - Mark Tomlinson, Sheffield Forgemasters

Tundish Lining Technology (Basic Gunning/Ramming Technology) - C Willoughby, Calderys

Pilot Melting and Casting Developments at Tata Steel RD&T - N Dodds, Tata Steel RD&T

Innovative Nickel Alloying concept in Stainless Steelmaking - U Meyn, MKN Technologies


October 2013 

Nitrogen Pick through EAF Process at Celsa UK“ - Deri Dalwin – Celsa Steel UK 

PSI  Production Management and Process Control for Steel Making- H J Ponten – PSI 

FEOS- Furnace Energy Optimization System  - H J Ponten – W Linden – SMS Siemag 

Industrial applications of Chemical Energy for Special Steel Grades and Processes  A Grosse – BSE 

TBR – Tailor made Solutions for Steel Making Plants  - H Rumpler – TBR 

February 2014 

Improving Machinability of Stainless Steel -Sarah Hinton --- Outokumpu Stainless 

Continuous temperature Measurement -Philp Hughes – Narborough – Heraeus Electronite 

Enhancing Value Addition on the Shop Floor -Sanjeev Manoche 

Mind the Gap, People and Skills Development -- Mark Tomlinson Sheffield Forgemasters   


May 2014 

A low cost solution to reducing Steel Making waste to Landfill – Dave Goodinson – Harsco 

 UK Steel update on Activities and Global Steel Production and trends-  Bob Ruddlestone – UK Steel 

Tom Finney Recycler Speaker: -   John Clayton 

Efficiency up-cost down, the next level of Electric Steel Making -  Dr H J Krassnig – SiemensVAI Metals Technologies” 

Developing real time EAF Performance – Tim Wray / Tom Eades – Outokumpu Stainless


October 2014 

Saveway Moisture Systems for the EAF- Mario Marta – Saveway GmbH and CoKG  


An Engineers view on Autonomous Maintenance- Jon Homewood – Outokumpu  


Safety- Tenova Solution for No-man-on-the Floor Operation – Davide Masoera –Tenova 


Power of time, Consumption and Efficiency– Leopold Hacquard – Badische Stahl Engineering 


Direct Purging System for Electric Arc Furnace – Thiago da Costa Avelar – Magnesita 


An introduction to the Metalysis Prcocess -  Ian Mellor – Metalysis


February 2015

The Cast Quality Indicator at SMACC - Pete Robinson- Outokumpu Stainless

Quality and the Solutions- Sid Silk- ESMG Member

Developments of corrosion resistant rebar and casting of bar and rod - Frank Winter -ESMG Member

An overview of Sheffield Stainless Bar - Phil Goddard- Outokumpu Stainless


59th AGM May 2015

Flexible Steelmaking - maximising free cash flow through demand response - Robert Labinski - Restore

Green Technologies for sustainable EAF Operation- Mike Knights - Danielli

Improving energy efficiency of Electric Steelmaking using grid level energy storage - Nick Kitchen - Cumulous Energy Storage ltd.

An overview on steel production - Gerry Meehan -Graftech

Automatic torch cutting technology - Herr Trost - TCT

The changing climate for innovation in our industry - Alan Scholes- M.P.I Teeside


A full set of minutes of Annual General Meetings and Technical Meetings of the Guild from 1965 to the present day has been compiled on CD by Rudi Montgomery for anyone interested in history and archaeology.