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Technical Papers


The Technical Session at each meeting is devoted to Papers submitted by Guild members and guest speakers. Topics covered include Plant Development, Process Development, Safety, Management Techniques and other aspects of related Steelmaking principles.
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Recent Papers include:

February 2017

Compaction of Steel Turnings for Yield Improvement - Mr Anton Ievsiushkin - Harsco Metals

Industrial Results of Tallman Bronze Supersonic Carbon Injection - Mr Mike Strelbisky - Tallman Bronze

Installing EAF Water Sprays and Problem Solving Discussion - Mr Charles Bradley-Smith - Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Summary of Steel Industry 2017 - Mr Bob Ruddleston - MPI UK

Update on ESMG Online Presence and Membership - Dr Tim Wray - ESMG President


October 2016

Wireless Instrumentation for Molten Metal Applications - Mr Robert Hall - Hereaus

The Next Generation of ISO Pressed Products - Mr Tony Ward RHI

Real time Monitoring of Slab Surfaces with utilisation of a tool called reveal cast to take images of hot slabs during casting - Mr Paavo Hooli and Mr Saku Kaukonen - Sapotech

Developing "Lean Flow" at SMACC - Mr Matt Peace - Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Increasing ESMG's online presence - Dr Tim Wray - ESMG President


60th AGM May 2016

Process Improvement through Electromagnetic Stirring (ArcSave) in the Electric Arc Furnace - Mr Lidong Teng - ABB

Developing Feedback Tools for the EAF Operator and Process Improver - Mr Tom Eades - Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Powering A Better World - Dr Andrew Clifton - Rolls Royce

Improvements in Sustainable Performance - Mr Lee Adcock - Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Precision Refractory Measurements and Systems Monitoring - Ulf Hermansson - IMSI

The Advantages of Thermal Efficiencies in Steel Ladles - Giacamo Di Silvestro - Pyrotek

Attendance and Membership Challenges Facing the EMMG - Mr Chris Eriksen (EMMG President) - Keystone Steel


February 2016

Introduction to Sheffield Forgemasters - Mr Mark Tomlinson (President ESMG)

ILTEC the Revolutionary Cooling Solution for the Steel Industry - Dr Andreas Filzweiser - METTOP

Converting to Monolithic Furnace Linings - Mr Paul Hartley - Magnesita

Dynamic Extraction - Dr Tim Wray - Outokumpu Stainless Ltd




Minutes of all Technical Meetings and AGM's are held in the members area.